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7 Core Principles... (exerpts from 'transform8tion')


Hate & evil are the exclusive creations of Humans. So when we choose to no longer create them... they will cease to exist, leaving only LOVE... Love/Energy... or 1-Love/Energy/1-Oneness, in an infinite variety of expressions, to still remain... because 1-Love/Energy/1-Oneness is All that truly is.


THEworld is a 'Paradise'... while OURworld is a mess that we self-create & perpetuate from the antiquated notions, flawed beliefs & mis-inform8tion that are our ‘Culturally Conditioned Matrix of Flawed Beliefs’ (CCMFB’s). We can do better. So lets break free of our CCMFB’s get OURworld to re-align with the ‘Paradise’ that is THEworld.


There’s only 1-Family of Flowers, with many different kinds... and only 1-Family of Humans, with many different kinds. We’re all brothers & sisters in the 1-Human Family. And we’re all part of the the 1-Family of All-Life.


It doesn't take rules or laws to know what’s right... as a feeling for what’s right & wrong is within each and every one of us. So look within, follow your 'innersun'... your HeartSun... and let it be your guide. We’re born without instruction manuals because the answers are within.


There are many different ideas about Oneness, Unity, or Totality...but there’s only 1-Oneness of which they are All a part


Violence is weakness... Peace is strength.


Beauty is the only thing worth creating.


© 2000, 2015 Innersun Publishing


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