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‘transform8tion’... is a book that contains the message of the ‘1-Oneness philosophy’. The purpose of the ‘1-Oneness Philosophy’  is to inspire a process of self-liberation from our Culturally Conditioned Matrix of Flawed Beliefs (CCMFB’s)... which are the flawed notions, antiquated beliefs and mis-information that underscore the mess that is OURworld.


A classic CCMFB is the belief that: ‘All Men are created equal’. Well... the truth is that we’re all different and that’s just fine ! Just imagine if all Flowers were the same, or ‘equal’. How boring would that be ? But no matter how many differences there are within the Flower-Family, there’s still only 1-Family of Flowers... and likewise, there’s only 1-Family of Humans, within the 1-Family of All-life.


So what’s our problem ? If there’s only 1-Human Family... then why is there so much misery and conflict ? The problem is that we’ve been misinformed about so many things.


Global Change can be achieved through a person by

person experience of ‘transform8tion’. And the ‘1-Oneness

Philosophy’ is a guide and a blueprint for those who

seek better way.


So please read ‘transform8tion’... Be ‘transform8tion’...

and be the 1-Love/Energy/1-Oneness...

that is All that truly is...


For exerpts from 'transform8tion',

see '7' page on this website.


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